International artist


(Icon offered by a princess of the Castle of Vola in 1906 (Poland). )

During his numerous voyages in Russia, Germany, Austria, Italy, Belgium ….etc…., accumulates new laurels and is greeted with enthusiasm wherever he plays: The conservatories of Petrograd and Moscow, at the Philharmonie in Warsaw, Lodz, Cracow, Prsemysil, Vienna, Berlin, Hamburg, at the symphonic concerts of Covent Garden, London, at the concerts of Queen’s Hall, in Brussels, at the Kursaal of Oostende, in Manchester, Rome, Pisa etc. …

In 1899 at the age of 13, he plays for the German Court where Wilhelm II offers him a tie pin with emeralds and diamonds, bearing the imperial coat of arms.
It is after this meeting that the statue of Paul Bazelaire would be erected in the Victoria All in Berlin.


(Tie pin offered
by Wilhelm II)


(Pocket Watch
offered by
Nicolas II)

As he was travelling through Russia, when he was 15, Paul BAZELAIRE was asked at the court at the Palate of TSARKOJE SELO. The young French artist plays in front of the Tsar and the Impress, the Concerto of ST SAENS with the Imperial Orchestra. Then, on the wish of NICOLAS II, he is put at the piano and plays a toccata of his own.
The Emperor is charmed by it and offers him a gold fob watch bearing his own arms.

In Rome, in 1905, Pope Pius X receives Paul Bazelaire, who is 19, in his private apartments in the Vatican and in front of 15 cardinals. After having heard him perform, he congratulates him enthusiastically and presents him with precious mementos among which is a medal bearing the Pope’s effigy.


In Vienna, he plays before the Archduchess Isabelle of Austria for the baptism of the Duchess of Parma.
In London, he is received by Queen Alexandra of England.